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this blog is about a journey.  an experiment.  a series of observations.

“The creative process is not controlled by a switch you can simply turn on or off; it's with you all the time”. 

- Alvin Ailey

the process of creation - currently observable in #matrixmanifestations throughout the quantum-to-cosmological planes - is a beautiful #humanprivilege and essential nature of the #humanSpecies.

moment-to-moment.  thought-to-thought.


take the red pill.

creation takes place within.around us continuously.  consciously. subconsciously.  we choose.

on this blog, we will be documenting the #creativeprocess of seven original #matrixManifestations undertaken through the nowbutlater Initiative[NbLI].


the journey at moments will be messy.raw and at others magnificent.inspiring.

all projects manifested will be in adherence to the three production parameters outlined herein.


you are invited to join us on this journey

inside the #creativeProcess.

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