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Project.07: #bethechange




She needed a hero, so that's what she became.

Where there is a Will there is a Way.

Where there is no Will there is a Way also.

Will focuses Attention; Attention sets the Vibration (positive or negative). One’s Attention is set either consciously - with purpose - or if NOT set consciously, ones Attention is set by another's Will stronger than their own. This is the nature of Human manifestation on this Planet.


Consider the Swimmer navigating a fast flowing river.  She can turn this way or that, depending upon her moment-to-moment choices [Will] and ultimately her Intention. 


If she be a strong swimmer, she can accomplish her purpose with minimal downstream drift.  Even if not a strong swimmer - as long as she continues to make conscious, moment-to-moment choices [Will] in accordance with her intended purpose - she will reach the opposite bank.


Now consider the Log, in the same river, with the same conditions.  The log, being an inanimate manifestation, exerts no conscious Will and thus is driven completely by the Will [conditions] of the current, the depth of river, winds, etc, etc, etc.


The log may or may not reach the opposite bank of the river from which it entered and is completely driven by the conditions [Will] stronger than its own. Thus is how the mass of humanity operates within It's self-created matrix.

Nature (the matrix manifestation of this Planet and the underlying substantive Code) {need something about how Nature provides a framework? for humans to create ALWAYS towards the positive pole at every plane of human impact/scale - self, tribe, cultural, society, states, nations, PLANET - we, as individuals CHOOSE differently, due to greed, lust, hatred, prejudice, fear, ego,  }, within the system (plane) of manifestation of operation. It’s is the underlying Code [Law].  

Awareness of this key principle by Individuals, thus impacting their moment-to-moment choices (e.g driven by underlying Will thus Attention), is the only true, lasting method of Change among Homo sapiens (lasting being evolutionary for the Species towards the Positive in harmony with Code [Law]).

This principle applies to all planes and human systems of manifestation, at all levels (e.g. individual, tribe, cultural, societal, national, international, planetary, etc, etc, etc), and the moment-to-moment choices of the One effect the Many [Causation].


The ONLY true way to INFLUENCE a positive change throughout all planes of human manifestation is for individuals to BE THE CHANGE. Set the positive, higher vibration that is in harmony with Nature, { humans to one-another, cultures to cultures, societies to societies, countries to countries, etc - REWORD},  | Law [code].


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